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The Chesterfield Band - on tour

Live Music with ' The Chesterfield Band' at the Tathra Hotel.

Sun 2nd June 4:00 - 7:00pm.

Free admission.

The Chesterfield Band are one of those bands that you can’t help but love. Their music is earthy, authentic, and incredibly endearing. With their deeply infectious vocal melodies and rich instrumentation, the music will wrap itself around you like a warm blanket.

The Chesterfield Band started in the kitchen with Tess and Cam writing and singing together. They decided to enter a competition for local songwriters. They won, and with the money, they recorded and released their first single under the band name “My Dad & I”.

6 months and a whole heap of shows later the duo ran into an old friend of Cam’s, Dylan. He was performing in the same music festival with another band. In a spur of moment decision the guys invited Dylan to play drums on a song and that was that, they’d formed a band.

With Dylan on drums ‘My Dad & I’ continued to play shows locally and interstate. Over the next the few months Tess turned 18, and the bond between the band members became more like a family. Everyone agreed that it was time for a name change and to start taking things to the next level. The guys set up a ‘Name the Band’ competition and decided on “The Chesterfield Band”.

Looking to expand their sound even further the band played with some great local bass players and then struck gold with Craig. He brought not only an incredible musicality to the bands sound but fitted perfectly into their unique family vibe.

Vocals - Tess,
Vocals, Guitars - CC Hall,
Drums - Dylan Harding
Bass - Craig Marshalsey

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