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Wrack and Ruin

3 days of Music with ' WRACK and RUIN ' at the Tathra Hotel from Fri. 27th to Sun. 29th September.

Fri.27th Sep. 6:30pm-9:30pm
Sat. 28th Sep. 6:30pm-9:30pm
Sun. 29th Sep. 4-7pm

Free admission.

Songs of fear and loathing, bitterness and bile, with the occasional chirpy piece of warped optimism or thwarted desire, thrown in for good measure. All this and more to the upbeat rhythms of a sophisticated, early sixties dance party featuring the groovy, latinesque stylings of Xavier Cugat and Harry Belafonte. Harmonies? Yes! Cowbell? Lord yes!!

 Driven by a rhythm section featuring erstwhile Praguen Bachelor Russell Cook on Drums, and Novella fella Myoung Jae Yi on bass. Finessed with blowtorch subtlety and whispering bombast by Andy Zarins on multifarious keyboardy thingummyjigs. Phil Moriarty bashes away on guitar whilst squeezing out suavely savage vocals. You'd be crazy to miss this.

Wrack and Ruin

Wrack and Ruin

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