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Honey (Tilba)

Live Music with ' Honey ' at the Tathra Hotel.

Sat 18th May 4 - 7pm
Free admission.

'Honey' make their debut at the Tathra Hotel. Come and join us.

Honey are a Tilba based duo comprising Elizabeth Walton on Piano/Vocals and Richard Lawson Guitar/Vocals/Percussion. Formed in 2014 they bring together the 3 worlds of Rock, Jazz and Classical tinged with unusual and ever changing instrumentation and a flourish of Folk and Blues.

Richards 35 years experience, first as drummer for seminal Aussie punk band the Lime Spiders then his 10 albums of mixed electronica/EDM/folk and rock mix with Elizabeths classical conservatorium background to give a truly intrigueing sound and ethos.

Honey’s first EP ‘Valentines Day’ came bout Jan 2015. Their debut album 'Blessed Bee' is out Jan 2018 and getting coverage and live to airs on ABC South East and Central West/REAL FM and 107.5 FM Orange.

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