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Live Music with ' The SCREAMING RIELS ' at the Tathra Hotel on Sun 22nd July 4-7pm. Free admission.

After years of individually touring around Australia and South East Asia and more recently along the south coast towns, we have formed a band that is playing Central Victoria, Coastal Victoria and NSW. During the last tour along the Victoria Coastline, we were influenced by the sounds of Screaming Reels, so we named our band after our favorite pastime. Fishing. However the band has members from other parts of the world, as well as Australia, and is partly based in Siem Reap Cambodia, performing shows and charity gigs, teaching etc. The currency there is the Riel. So we play for Riel. We are a Riel band. LOL. We are there-for the Screaming Riels.

We play original music composed and arranged over the last twenty years of collective live performance and influence. We play our favorite classic blues/rock/punk/grunge/soul music as well. Our live shows are contemporary and innovative, delivering a professional, well-rehearsed and structured experience, we also allow space for fun and spontenaity.

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We are trying to open doors for at risk young Cambodian female musicians to develop a life in music. The barriers they face are numerous, including poverty, cultural negative norms, pedophilia, drugs, trafficking

Support from events helps us with the development of female artists as well the prosecution of Paedophiles. We work closely with The Child Trafficking Department and adolescent welfare.

We also work with an organization that clear Landmines. This helps clean the land, which enables productive land and safe schools, aside from saving lives. Recently a female Cambodian Artist, who toured Australia with us last year, performed at two of the Landmine Clearing Fundraisers. She stole the show. She performs regularly as a guitarist/singer, as well she is now trained as a music teacher and attends English classes daily. Her trip to Australia last year improved her English and confidence significantly.

She returned to Cambodia and unfortunately was firstly caught up with ICE use and secondly is now in a relationship with a 32 year old Cambodian male. She is only 14.

Her ICE use has ceased luckily due to having other positive life options and strong guideance and councelling. However unfortunately, the predatory older male is connected to the military, so needs significant funding to prosecute the offender.

This situation is common, with older men targeting beautiful younger teenagers. So there are some courageous individuals who are prosecuting these offenders, and these prosecutors need support.

So the Screaming Riels want to take our music to places that make a difference, while still having a magical time doing so!

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