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Don't Come Monday's

Live Music with ' Don't Come Monday's ' at the Tathra Hotel on Sat 14th and Sun 15th April 4 - 7pm. Free admission.

"Don't Come Monday's" are five local musicians backed by two of the finest
musicians from the Blue Mountains - Chris Komorowski and Steve Clark.

Steve once resided in Candelo, and has been living in the Blue Mountains for
eighteen months. Steve is an exceptional bass player, guitarist and overall
musician. It is an honour to hear Steve perform and for venues on the
Sapphire Coast to support and acknowledge such prolific musicians.

Chris Komorowski left such an impression on audiences when he performed at
the Tathra Hotel in December. He blew listeners away with his solo on the
Hendrix classic "Little Wing." Chris' guitar playing is flawless. He is a
musical genius. Chris' solos are articulate and intelligent.

There is a unique connection between the three vocalists of "Don't Come
Monday's." Sam Stevenson, Colleen Spillane and Stacey Mills have performed
together on many occasions and their energy and interaction on stage is
uplifting. Colleen and Stacey's voices blend beautifully and their delivery
of every song is honest and a delight to listen to.

Sam Stevenson will also be playing guitar and performing a number of his
originals. Sam is a phenomenal singer and storyteller. He is so sincere in
his interpretations, especially of R&B songs. Sam will be appearing with
"Don't Come Monday's" on Sunday 15th April only. On Saturday 14th April the
group will be accompanied by Narooma based guitarist John Hoorweg, an
outstanding musician from the well known group Malumba.

It is also a pleasure to have Jonathan Trevena "Trapper" joining the band
this April. Trapper is a brilliant drummer and excels in many genres. On
this occasion he is thrilled to be playing one of the greatest styles of
music - that is R&B.

Not to be missed. "Don't Come Monday's" will be performing R&B "music for
your soul" at the Tathra Hotel on Saturday 14th April 4 - 7pm and Sunday 15th
April 4 - 7pm.

Sam Stevenson - Voc/Gtr (Sunday only)
Colleen Spillane - Vocals
Stacey Mills - Vocals
Chris Komorowski - Guitar
Steve Clark - Bass
Jonathan Trevena - Drums
John Hoorweg - Guitar (Saturday only)

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